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Create Augmented Reality Tours In 15 Minutes

TL;DR Several Dutch tourist destinations are now offering AR tours they made with the Wintor app. Wintor provides an AR platform that helps people create AR tours 100x faster than traditional methods, without any help. These tours and the app will publicly launch in the App- and Playstore today.

Amsterdam - 28/11/2022 – Next time you visit the Netherlands, you can go on an AR tour and learn about several tourist destinations. The startup Wintor is making augmented reality (AR) tours more accessible than ever before. With AR becoming even more integrated into organizations due to developments like virtual reality and the Metaverse, it is still quite a challenging task for organizations to produce a professional AR tour of their facility, city or museum. Wintor takes the fuss out of everything, and offers a simple app where users can drag and drop their content. This allows beginners to create an AR tour that is indistinguishable from one that has been created by a team of professional programmers and animators.

This innovation by Wintor has allowed notable government and private organizations in the Netherlands to create immersive and captivating AR tours. For example the marketing team for the city of Utrecht (NL) used Wintor to create an AR tour of their city, the Dutch National Military Museum based at airbase Soesterberg has also used Wintor to create a complete augmented reality tour of specific airplanes and machines.

Founder of Wintor, Jaap Gielink made an official statement to the press, "Augmented reality tours have unlimited applications, across a wide range of industries. However, before today's launch, it was really difficult to create an AR tour. With our platform and app available on smartphones (android and iOS), users can easily upload their content and access a library of 3D models. By dragging and dropping their content on the real world, any person with no prior experience can easily create an AR tour 100x faster compared to a full team that is using conventional methods."

Jaap Gielink shared more details about how Wintor works, "Traditional AR tours are created by a team of unity programmers and animators using 3D models and often use markers such as images or QR codes at the location. The entire process can take days or even multiple weeks to create a tour, only to find glaring discrepancies in the tour, which means wasted time and money. Wintor eliminates all of these factors by allowing the average tech user to create an AR tour within 15 minutes. This convenience can help city marketing departments, museums and organisations to truly refine their tours and use the art of visual storytelling as a marketing tool."

With Wintor, making AR tours requires no coding or markers. The app's intuitive algorithm simply recognizes different objects in the environment and uses them as markers for a swift and seamless AR tour. By making AR more accessible, Wintor aims to start a marketing revolution and change the way different organizations and companies are able to showcase their work. The platform wil be launched on November 28th, 2022 during the Immersive Tech Week (ITW) at De Doelen in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

From travel, leisure to heritage, the application of AR tours in these sectors is endless. By offering this highly interactive visual experience to potential clients, companies can increase customer engagement and position themselves above their competitors in the field.

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