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Pricing of Wintor No-Code AR editor

Start telling stories using augmented reality tours. Get a license to use our no-code augmented reality tour editor and all our features. Get a visitor bundle when you want to publish your location-based AR tour. This could be great for sharing AR tours at your museum, in a city, or for your employee onboarding.

How does licensing work?


Your license consists of two steps: an editor license and (optionally) a visitor bundle. The editor license gives your account special features and the visitor bundle enlargens your AR spot visits to let more visitors enjoy your AR tour. 

Step 1) Editor license

Step 2) Visitor bundle

A visitor bundle is needed if you want to publish or monetize your AR tour or if you need more than your included AR spot visits. Without a visitor bundle, you can only share an AR tour via a private link with a limited amount of visits.


€250 per month

5.000 AR spot visits

(0.06 per extra visit)


€500 per month

15.000 AR spot visits

(0.04 per extra visit)


€1.250 per month

50.000 AR spot visits

(0.03 per extra visit)

About Wintor AR tours


Wintor is a tool that allows users to easily create augmented reality (AR) experiences without the need for programming or coding skills. The platform allows users to build augmented reality experiences by using 3D models, images, and videos, and embedding them into the real world through using our virtual positioning system. That means our no-code ar editor doesn't require QR codes or markers. The only thing you need to get started is an idea, a location, and one of the licenses from above. 

One of the key features of Wintor is a No Code AR Editor that is accessible on mobile phones. You can use this to edit an AR scene at a location. Wintor AR tours also include a variety of code tools and features that allow users to customize and enhance their AR experiences, making it a powerful and versatile platform for creating engaging and immersive reality experiences. Whether you are an experienced developer or a newcomer to the world of AR and VR, Wintor No Code AR Editor is a powerful and user-friendly code-free AR platform for building and sharing augmented reality experiences with the world.

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