Tell your story

Wintor allows you to tell engaging stories. Learn more about the main ingredients of a great tour: location based, media and no-code.

Location based

Just scan around at the experience location and the content will come to life. No need to make physical adjustments

Outdoor AR Tour 

With the Wintor platform, you can easily create an digital guided tour.

Our platform combines the power of Cloud stored media, Visual Positioning System, and GPS. 

So no there is need for QR Codes, and your visitors never get lost thanks to our build-in navigation assistance.


Start now and create an AR Tour within the hour.


The possibilities are endless, so enrich your city, campus, museum or heritage location.

Indoor AR Tour

Our powerful platform also allows you to place and save content indoors. 


Place relevant visual stories in the world around you. 


From a single location to a complete indoor tour. All possible and easy to create.  

Engaging content types

Wintor allows you to create the stories that you always wanted. We support multiple engaging media possibilities:


You can start using Wintor AR right away, without the need for developers or your IT department. 

The benefits of the Wintor AR  No-Code platform over a tailor-made augmented reality tour are enormous:

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