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All-in-one AR Tour Platform

Create and share augmented reality tours in minutes using
location-based AR and our no-code AR studio

Wintor Augmented reality location based augmented reality studio

The platform exists of two main parts. The Wintor Manager is a web-based content management system, and the App contains both the Visitor and Creator parts.

The native App is available in iOS and Android. 

Wintor Manager

Manage your tours & media

Upload 3d model for Augmented Reality

Easily upload or import
your content

Upload your 3D models, videos, images, and audio. Upload a 360 video or image to create a 360 portal. Just upload your greenscreen videos to create a virtual guide, no need for adjustments


Import millions of 3D models with our Sketchfab integration or create AI images via DALL-E-2 

Manage your tour and
your spots

Manage the descriptions of your tour and spots. Prepare your tour on forehand by adding the media into the spots. 


After the creation of the spots at the location you can fine-tune your tour in the Wintor manager.

Augmented Reality tour cms content management system
AR Analytics, AR and AI, Access Managment, Admin augmented reality for museums

Analytics, AI Translations
Access management and more

Gain helpful insights into your daily and weekly visitor numbers. Also, manage your team's access.

AI supports you throughout the Wintor Tour platform. It can suggest new spots for your tours and can translate your descriptions. 

Wintor Creator

Create & edit your tours

No QR codes or markers, just use the environment as a fingerprint

No need to make physical adjustments to your location, you can use it as a digital fingerprint. With our visual position system, there is no need for QR codes or other markers. 

The fingerprint is created within 30 seconds and only needs to be done once. 

Works perfectly indoors & outdoors.

Drag & Drop your media and
create your story 

Create an AR experience in less than 5 minutes.


Select your media and drag them into the experience. Intuitively place, resize, and rotate your media and tell your story. 

Use multiple types of media to bring your story to life

Wintor AR

Share your tours

Visitors easily discover all the
public AR tours around

You can publish your AR Tour in the Wintor app. Visitors will see these tours sorted on proximity,

a great way to discover the available AR tours.  

You can also choose to unlist your tours and share them privatly.  Enterprise customers can create their own carousel based available for their employees only. 

Outdoor AR navigation

Outdoor Map

Indoor Map

Indoor Photo

The AR tours are fully self-guided  and includes navigation

Your visitors can go on a discovery tour without the need for a guide.


Choose the map that works best. We support outdoor maps incl GPS tracking and custom Indoor maps. Indoor maps support multiple floor-level navigation. 

Book your demo call now!

During the personal call, we will:

✅ Dive into your use cases and ideas

✅ Show you how to create an AR tour in 5 minutes

✅ Determine the fastest route to becoming an AR storyteller


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