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Augmented Reality Inspiration

Get inspired by these examples and Wintor AR features

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A 2D virtual guide

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AR Wartime Storytelling

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AR historic building

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AR projector

Get live inspiration by Freek

What can AR and VR do for your organisation? Get inspired and learn how you can start, during a talk or a workshop. 

Freek Teunen (1994) developed the Virtual Droomvlucht for theme park Efteling. Using VR he made one of the most adored and popular attractions accessible for visitors with a handicap. He was also involved in the development of a virtual playgarden for children in hospitals. He is also the writer of 'VR for business'. At Wintor, he is responsible for all the commercial activities as the Commercial Director. 

Talks or workshops can be given in Dutch or English and will be tailored to your custom needs. 

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