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How A Dutch Museum Is Using Augmented Reality Tours To Engage Visitors

Updated: Feb 21

Visitors watch a virtual pilot explaining his F16 gear during the AR tour.

Visitors watch a virtual pilot explaining his F16 gear during the AR tour.

About Nationaal Militair Museum

The Nationaal Militair Museum (NMM) is a museum about Dutch military heritage. It showcases an impressive collection of weapons, airplanes, tanks and other vehicles that tell the nation’s defense history. Located in Soesterberg, a former military airbase, the museum is an educational hub. They aim to connect visitors young and old with the past through tangible relics of bygone battles and peacetime innovations.

Why this museum is using an AR tour

Despite the awe-inspiring display of machines and vehicles, visitors often had difficulty understanding what they were seeing. That leaves the true stories behind the machines untold and their historical significance unappreciated. The NMM sought a partner to bridge this gap, seeking a solution to make these static exhibits interactive, providing a deeper, more engaging learning experience. They chose Wintor for its innovative approach to storytelling through augmented reality and the use ar tours.

The solution

Wintor's AR tour turned the Arsenal, with the various airplanes and vehicles, into an interactive discovery. Visitors can now delve into intricate details of machinery, guided by virtual experts and enriched with 3D visualizations and points of interest. A virtual pilot now accompanies the aircraft displays, and the stark reality of warfare is conveyed through simulations like a 3D explosion demonstrating mine-resistant vehicles. Wintor made the static Arsenal with vehicles and interactive discovery.


Both young and older visitors find joy in exploring the Arsenal with Wintor's AR tour. It's an educational adventure that captivates, with each AR interaction leaving a lasting memory. The marketing initiatives – magnetic stickers, banners, and upcoming map integrations – continually boost visitor engagement. With every new feature and marketing step, the museum sees a notable rise in engagement numbers of the AR tour.



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