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AR City Tour: Unveiling The Past Using Augmented Reality Tours

Updated: Feb 21

About Utrecht City Marketing

Utrecht City Marketing is tasked with showcasing Utrecht's vibrant culture and rich history. They create campaigns and experiences that highlight Utrecht as a destination for innovation, health, and talent.

Challenges Faced by Client

The challenge was making Utrecht’s 2000-year history not just informative but also immersive. The client needed a tool that would captivate both tech enthusiasts and traditional tourists, a platform that would enhance the city's heritage with modern storytelling techniques.


Utrecht City marketing (the client) launched an innovative city tour named 'Het verhaal van het Domplein' (The Story of Dom Square). This tour features a virtual guide that takes users through 2000 years of history using old images, animations, and videos to showcase the significance of Dom Square, the heart of the city.

The augmented reality tour guides users to eight AR spots around Dom Square, including landmarks like the Dom Tower, Dom Church, and the Imperial Palace Lofen. Scanning these spots with a phone or tablet brings up the guide and additional images on the screen, adding a layer of digital information to the real-world surroundings. The digital guide, who also works as a real guide for Utrecht Marketing, narrates the history of Dom Square and highlights historic heritage sites that can be visited.

This free and user-friendly city tour is designed to bring the history of this special location to life, allowing everyone to explore the unique heritage of Dom Square at their own pace. The tour aims to make Dom Square a central meeting place in the city, celebrating its cultural, heritage, religious, and scientific significance, and making its special (religious) heritage more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience.


The AR city tour has been a game-changer for Utrecht's tourism. Visitors can now embark on a self-guided historical journey around Dom Square, deepening their connection with the city's heritage. The tour’s promotion online and at the visitor center has increased its reach and popularity.



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