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Augmented reality platform to make AR easy. No code drag and drop Augmented Reality.

Let your creativity run wild

Augmented reality (AR) bridges the digital and physical worlds. It allows you to take in information and content visually, in the same way, you take in the world.

 Wintor AR lets you overlay helpful visual content and information on the real world. You can easily create, save and distribute exciting AR tours from your own phone or tablet. 

Virtal tour guide - Augmented tour guide - no code
Augmented reality Portal drag and drop no code AR
Point of interest POI in Augmented Reality AR no code



Place virtual guides and create tours that anyone can enjoy.

Add content anywhere

Enrich your story with videos,

3D models, images, text, and audio.

Or even easily create a 360 portal to discover new worlds.

Point of interest

Add interaction by placing Points of Interest on real-world objects. Allow visitors to unveil additional information to enhance their experience.

Person looking at a painting. With Augmented Reality (AR) this would be way cooler.

Wintor AR

Explore the world with augmented reality tours that captivate your attention by providing you with contextual information at multiple locations.


Wintor allows digital content creators to tell their stories to a wide audience by promoting and sharing the experiences publicly, so that anyone with a phone can access and enjoy the immersive experiences through our platform. 

AR tours made easy.

Wintor Creator

With the no-code Wintor Creator, you can easily create augmented reality tours via your own phone or tablet.


You can effortlessly place and adjust engaging content anywhere you want.


Pin pictures, 3D objects, movies, text, virtual guides, 360 content and portals to the real world. When you are ready, save your AR Spot to the cloud so you can share it with anyone.

We provide the tools so that you can create the narrative. The world is yours to compose.  


When your tour is published, visitors can go on a tour via the Wintor AR app

Visitors can scan the location, and the stories will come to life. 


With our platform, you can explore AR tours in your favorite museums and cities, learn about the history and cultural heritage through engaging content embedded in your reality, or go on a scavenger hunt with your friends and family.

Start creating your own AR tour