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AR Tours Made Easy

Offer a unique experience that combines your real-world location with digital storytelling 

Show hidden details and interesting facts using location-based AR

No Credit Card Required

Awesome discovery

With the augmented reality creator studio from Wintor, you can transform any tour into a discovery. using location-based AR technology, you can "pin" your digital media at any place. Save it, and you are ready to share your tour. 


Visitors can go on an AR tour and discover your hidden stories as a magical layer on top of their reality. Simply using their phone.

Create your AR

 Museum tour 

in 4 easy steps

Storytellers love Wintor

Nationaal Militair Museum has an AR tour live
Utrecht Marketing has an AR tour Augmented Reality tour live
Laguna beach augmented reality tour
logo rabobank.png
Nubuiten has an augmented reality tour live made with wintor
Logo den haag.png
360 fabriek loves creating augmented reality tours with Wintor AR

"With Wintor, we can create and launch a tour in one afternoon".   

Tijmen Dokter created AR augmented reality tours with wintor

Tijmen Dokter
National Military Museum
Winner of museum talent prize 2022

Engaging media types

Just point the camera at the environment and the location-based AR system will place the story at the exact place.


Wintor supports virtual guides, videos, 3D models, images, text, 360 Portals, audio and more. Navigational elements will be created automatically to guide visitors. 


No need to make physical adjustments.

Navigation Augmented Reality Tours AR


Virtual Guides

Points of Interest

3D Models

Images / Video

360 Portal


Powerful content managere to upload and fine-tune your content

Powerful content manager

Uploading media, preparing, and fine-tuning your augmented reality tour is way easier on your laptop.

Therefore we build a powerful content manager. You can simply access it via the browser. Use it to edit AR tours, upload media and more. 

Drag-and-drop no-code AR editor

You can start using Wintor right away without the need for developers or your

IT department. Easy augmented reality is finally here.

Create your own augmented reality. Drag & drop media to the right location and save it. Make augmented reality possible.

AR tours made easy.

Create your tours in minutes. 

Wintor compared to custom made AR.png

Be 100x faster, only focus on storytelling 
No Code or App development 

Find the right plan





€250 per month

5.000 AR spot visits

(0.06 per extra visit)

No fee for ticket sales

€500 per month

15.000 AR spot visits

(0.04 per extra visit)

No fee for ticket sales

€1.250 per month

50.000 AR spot visits

(0.03 per extra visit)

No fee for ticket sales

Unlimited AR spot visits

Ticket sale required with 50% fee over earnings with a mininum ticket price of €4,99

A visitor bundle is needed if you want to publish or monetize your AR tour or if you need more than your included AR spot visits. Without a visitor bundle, you can only share an AR tour via a private link with a limited amount of visits.

Three steps to becoming the most innovative storyteller 

Next steps in onboarding process

Step 1) Demo

Book a demo with one of our experts to learn more and discuss your project in detail

Next steps in onboarding process

Step 2) Trial

Try out Wintor yourself with help from our YouTube tutorials or via a free online live workshop

Next steps in onboarding process

Step 3) Start

Get your license and start creating your first AR tour, and make your tour visitors happy

If you want to test, you are 1 minute away from creating your first AR tour

✅ 14-day free trial period

✅ No Credit Card required

✅ Free onboarding calls available

✅ Weekly live onboarding training available

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