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Augmented Reality Tours

Create engaging AR experiences at any real-world location with our no-code AR editor

Museum tours  / Outdoor tours  /  Corporate onboarding  /  Scavenger hunts

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Nationaal Militair Museum has an AR tour live
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Laguna beach augmented reality tour
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What is an AR tour?

Augmented reality (AR) tours offer digital guidance and overlays with information and media. A visitor can see 'hidden' information using their mobile phone. 

The use of augmented reality makes physical locations more fun to explore, offers new ways to visualize a story, and engages visitors from various demographics. 

Elevate any experience into an immersive journey

AR tours revolutionize storytelling by merging reality with a digital media layer.


It brings narratives to life and offers a personalized experience.


Escape physical boundaries using an augmented reality layer. 

Limitations such as budget constraints or limited physical space can impact the way stories are told.


With AR, you can show something that is otherwise hidden or not possible to show. 

Evolve from ineffective audience engagement to successfully captivating new demographics

Inform various visitor segments in different ways. Layer information at any physical location.


This way, information is tailored towards your visitor. 

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Three ways Wintor helps to realise your AR tour


Design services

Let our Experience Designers transform your existing story into an augmented reality tour. 

We can create the entire tour or assist your team.


No-code AR creator

Create an AR tour in minutes using our drag-and-drop augmented reality creator. The AR editor works on iOS and Android phones and lets you create an AR tour using location-based augmented reality.


Online AR CMS

The online AR CMS helps to manage augmented reality media, such as 3D models, quizzes and videos.


You can also use it to renew media and tours easily.

Utilize new or existing media in your AR tour

Just point the camera at the environment and the location-based AR system will place the story at the exact place.


Wintor supports virtual guides, videos, 3D models, images, text, 360 Portals, audio, quizzes and more. Navigational elements will be created automatically to guide visitors. 


No need to make physical adjustments.

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Powerful content manager

Uploading media, preparing, and fine-tuning your augmented reality tour is way easier on your laptop.

Therefore we build a powerful content manager. You can simply access it via the browser. Use it to edit AR tours, upload media and more. 

Drag-and-drop AR editor

You can start using Wintor right away without the need for developers or your

IT department. Easy augmented reality is finally here.

Create your own augmented reality. Drag & drop media to the right location and save it. Make augmented reality possible.

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Book your demo call now!

During the personal video call, we will:
- Dive into your use cases and ideas
- Show you how Wintor works
- Determine the fastest route to launch an AR tour


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