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Quickstart Wintor AR

This article will explain in short how you can start testing the beta of Wintor.

You can also go and see video's about it in our tutorial playlist.

How to get the app

You will receive an email from Google or Apple with a link to download the app for iPhone or Android. If you did not receive that, let us know via Discord or email

How to get an account

Create an account to start using Wintor AR at

How to go on an AR tour

You can go on an AR tour by going to the 'find tours'-tab of the Wintor app. Click on the tour you'd like to go on. Read the introduction carefully and then 'start tour' to see the map of the tour and the different AR spots.

How to create an AR tour

Open the Wintor AR app and click on 'create' at the right bottom of the app. Log in and you will see an overview of the tours you created. If you want to edit a tour, click on the tour via this overview and go to the location of the AR spot.

If you want to create a new tour, click on the big plus-sign and follow the steps.

Important to note

  1. Please make sure you have really good WiFi. We know that saving an AR spot and a tour might be difficult if the connection is not best.

  2. The Wintor Creator works best on newer and faster smartphones.

  3. Please keep in mind the app is in beta and we would like to see your feedback in our Discord channel.

  4. Don't share screenshots of our app yet on social media without our consent.



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