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Wintor update for iOS users 24-10-2022

We have an important update to inform you about. You can find it right now via the TestFlight app.

Release updates v.1.0.0(7) - Fixed an issue with dark 3D models (they are now lighted very well)

- Fixed stuttering image in iOS 16

- Virtual guides are now always rotated towards the viewer

- Animated 3D models can now be moved after placing them

- Japanese characters are now supported

- Fixed a bug that caused images not to load

- Fixed many more small bugs

Try it and let us know your thoughts via email or Discord! :)

We are working towards a super slick and stable visitor experience at the end of November. And at the moment, we are almost there and super proud of it. We will tell you more about our public launch in another email soon.

Next up we are working on an improved creator experience.



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