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What is an AR tour?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

An AR tour is a location-based experience, where you can add a digital layer to a physical location. This digital layer can consist of media such as videos, text, images and 3D models and it will only be visible via devices such as smartphones or mixed reality glasses. If you want to try creating AR tours yourself easily, Wintor might be a good option for you. You cn use that on your Android or iOS device.

To give you an example of an AR tour, in the following video you can see a tour that uses historic photos in a neighborhood of Rotterdam. The photos were placed on the exact location the images were taken in the past. Users can see these historic photos again by opening the Wintor app on the right location, moving their camera around to recognize the surroundings and the photos will appear on the exact location that they were placed.

An example of an AR tour and how that is created - source: YouTube (Wintor)

An AR tour can be used for many different use cases. Here are a couple of examples.

AR onboarding for new employees

You can gamify the onboarding experience of new employees by giving them an AR tour to complete on their first day. While the employee is doing the tour, they get to know the workplace and you force them to explore different areas in a fun way. The AR layer can be used to about the different spaces, machines, or procedures.

Museum Tours

Art can be enjoyed as it is, but we usually enjoy it even more if we understand the context or background. Museums are struggling to tell this and are limited to audio guides or labels. Using an AR tour, you can place an entire new layer of information for the user to enjoy. The artist can even become a part of it, by placing the artist as a hologram next to the piece of art.

City Tours

Cities have so much history to tell, but we don’t want to place signs or pieces of text at every corner of the street. These pieces of information can become visible via augmented reality during an AR tour.

Scavenger hunts

Let kids go on a quest where they need to find digital items outside. No need to hide physical items and the opportunity is to even utilize video in it.

AR Knowledge bases

Instead of using a manual with an image as a reference for a machine, why not project the information on the machine directly? An AR knowledge base is much easier way for employees to find the right information at the right place.

What's next?

If you got inspired, take a look at Wintor. At this moment the beta program is open for anyone who wants to try the AR tour platform for free. You can join via



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