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Release update 10-08-2022

Thanks again for trying our beta and sending us your ideas and feedback. Today we are happy to launch a new update that you can download if you signed up as a beta tester. Take a look in your email to find the download links.

If you are not a beta tester yet, use the link on the homepage to sign up!

What is new?

There are two new features that will completely change your AR tour: portals and AR text.

Portals are a way to show 360 videos in your AR tour. The user will see a virtual door, which will open if they are close by it. Then they can walk through the door to see a 360-degree video or photo all around them.

AR text is a way to quickly place text in your physical space, by typing it on your phone. It's a great way to add notes or short descriptions somewhere. However, there are no styling options. If you want your text styled, use the photo asset tool of Wintor and create the asset using a tool like photoshop or Canva.

Other noteworthy changes

  • There is a show password option for easier login on the Wintor Manager

  • External links that will move you out of the app, now have an 'externa link'-icon

  • Assets added from the manager are now placed in front of you when the AR Spot is created

  • Improved anchor hosting text

  • Image upload buttons only for image assets

  • Custom image map now shows when you have that selected in the manager. This is great if you want to use AR tours for inside locations

  • Many different bug fixes are now solved

What's next?

The next update is planned in two weeks. So please take that time to test the current build and let us know what you think in the discord channel! With this link you can join, if you haven't already.



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