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4 general benefits of augmented reality (AR)

You might have heard of augmented reality (AR) before, but what exactly is it? In this article, we'll explain what AR is and explore some of the general benefits of augmented reality (AR) so that you can get a better idea of how this technology can be used.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

AR is technology that creates a filter or digital overlay over your reality. Augmented Reality layers can consist of text and audio, appearing on your live view to enrich the user experience they are immersed in.

AR can provide an engaging and immersive experience for users, as well as a way to interact with digital content in a more natural and intuitive way. For example, in the education sector, AR can be used to create virtual laboratories or simulations that allow students to learn in a more hands-on manner. In retail, AR can be used to provide customers with information about products, or help them visualize how certain items would look in their home. And in manufacturing, AR can be used for assembly line workers to see step-by-step instructions for their tasks, or for engineers to view 3D models of parts and assemblies.

There are many potential benefits of using AR technology. Often in depends on how you utilize the technology.

How can AR be used?

There are many potential uses for augmented reality (AR). Some of the most common ways that AR is used include:

  1. Navigation and location-based services: AR can be used to provide turn-by-turn directions or display information about nearby businesses and attractions.

  2. Education and training: AR can be used to create immersive learning experiences and to train people for dangerous jobs or situations.

  3. Entertainment: AR games and experiences are becoming increasingly popular.

  4. Marketing and advertising: AR can be used to create interactive experiences that draw attention to products or services.

  5. Industrial applications: AR is being used in a variety of industrial settings, from manufacturing and assembly to maintenance and repair.

Benefit 1: AR can be used on almost any smartphone

AR can be used on almost any smartphone, which makes it a very accessible technology. You don’t need any special equipment to use AR, just your phone and an AR app.

If you want to try augmented reality on your own phone, try to search for AR games in the app store. These are very fun and can be done while sitting on the couch.

AR on the iPhone is supported if you can run the latest iOS update (which is iPhone 8 minimum) and on Android it depends on the software update, but also on the phone itself, but you could say that almost all Android devices of the last four years are supported. Here's a complete list of supported devices.

Benefit 2: Investments can start small

There are many benefits to augmented reality (AR), but one of the most important is that it can be scaled to fit any budget. That means that even a small business or startup can get in on the action and start reaping the rewards without breaking the bank.

AR can also help businesses save money in other ways. For example, it can be used for training employees instead of using more expensive methods like simulations or live demonstrations. Additionally, AR can be used to create virtual showrooms or product displays, which can save on costs associated with physical retail space.

Augmented reality tours will also save money, because they can be monetized and it attracts an audience who wants to explore on their own without a physical guide.

A tip to check out is Wintor. It's a budget-friendly platform to create AR tours yourself for onboarding new employees, museum tours, city tours and much more.

Benefit 3: AR engages both young and old people

Another benefit of augmented reality is that it can engage both young and old people.

Traditional forms of entertainment, such as television and movies, tend to be geared towards a younger audience. This can often leave older people feeling left out or uninterested. AR provides a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

AR also promotes physical activity. AR games that require players to walk or run around in order to catch virtual creatures or collect items are a great way to get people moving. This is especially beneficial for children, who often don't get enough exercise.

Overall, there are many benefits of augmented reality. It is a versatile technology that helps both young and older people.

Benefit 4: AR feels more natural to users

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information on the real world. Because the information is connected to real world objects and locations, users will easily understand it.

It feels more natural to users than other forms of technology. This is because users can see and interact with digital content in the same way they would with the real world. The technology can help users to understand their environment better, because information is displayed in the right location and context.

Overall, AR has many potential benefits that make it a very promising technology.

The future of AR

There's no doubt that augmented reality (AR) is one of the most exciting and innovative technologies of our time. And its potential applications are virtually limitless. Here are just a few examples of how AR could change our world for the better in the future:

1. Enhancing the way we learn Imagine being able to learn about a historical event or figure by actually seeing and interacting with them in real-time. That's the power of AR. By overlaying digital information on top of the real world, AR can make learning more engaging, immersive, and fun.

2. Helping us better understand complex concepts AR can also be used to visualize complex concepts that are difficult to understand using traditional 2D methods. For example, imagine being able to see how the human body works, or explore the solar system without ever leaving your classroom.

3. Making us safer AR has the potential to revolutionize safety procedures in a variety of industries. For example, surgeons could use AR to view a patient's vital signs during an operation, or firefighters could use it to see through smoke while searching for trapped victims.

4. Improving our productivity AR can also be used to increase productivity in a variety of settings. Check out what Teamviewer is doing with their AR remote expertise app.


It can be concluded that there are many benefits of using AR technology. Some of the most notable include: improved learning outcomes, more efficient training, immersive experiences, and increased productivity. AR is a very versatile technology with a lot of potential applications. It's accessible, easy to use, and can be helpful in a number of different ways.

If you want to discover what AR can do for you, sign up for Wintor and try it today!



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