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Dinosaur on a building

Display an AR dinosaur on buildings using an occlusion object. This creates a realistic view and depth.

How to create this

1. Create a 3D model of the building or object that you want the dinosaur to be behind of
2. Upload that model on
3. Go to the location and open the Wintor AR Tours app
4. Drag the 3D object of the building or object in the scene
5. Go to the settinsg of the 3D model and click: 'set to true size'
6. Drag the model on the exact location of the real object or building
7. Go to settings again and select: occlusion only
(an Occlussion only model will not be visible for visitors. It will mask anything behind or in it, which means it will look as if the actual object or building is 'occluding' a digital object)
8. Drag and drop a model of a dinosaur on the location of choice

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