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Window AR look-through

Transform the environment, allowing users to explore and uncover more within it. Create a 3D scan of the room and leverage the 'occlusion object' feature, to replicate a perspective akin to what's shown in the referenced video.

How to create this

1. Use an app like Polycam to create a 3D scan of the object you want to place an image behind.
2. Upload both the 3D scan and the desired image on > 'media' > 'add media'.
3. Open the Wintor app, go to 'create' > choose the tour you want to edit, and open a new or existing AR spot.
4. Click 'Add' > select '3D object' >position it where you want. If your scan is in a 1:1 dimension, access settings > set to true size.
5. To make the 3D scan/object invisible, to blend with the physical environment, access settings > enable 'Occlusion only'.
6. Now, place your desired image right behind your scan/3D object. Click on '+Add' > choose 'Image' > select your image > move it around >and place it accordingly.

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