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Virtual Animated Avatar

In this example, you see a 3D virtual guide. Usually, the virtual guides in Wintor are 2D videos of a person in front of a green screen (or blue screen). However, in this case the avatar is modeled with a 3D modeling software. This example was designed and made by 360Fabriek for the Municipality of Rotterdam.

How to create this

1) Create an animated 3D avatar in your preferred software
2) Create an audio voice recording for the avatar
3) Using your animation software, lip sync the audio with the avatar
4) Important: export your 3D animated avatar with the same duration as your audio file (this is important for syncing it in Wintor)
5) Upload the animated GLB 3D model and the audio file separately on
6) Using the Wintor editor, drag and drop your animated 3D model and audio file onto your scene
7) Using the settings for the audio file, disable the audio controls (to make the invisible) and set to 'automatically start'
8) Audio files and 3D models will be automatically synced when the scene starts, ensuring that the mouth animation and audio are combined.

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