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Van Gogh AI Painting

Using AI tools, you can make paintings come to life. This is a great addition on any AR tour. With Wintor you can easily attach this talking painting on any location. This technology (talking AI avatar tech) can breathe new life into classical works, enabling viewers to experience them in a dynamic and interactive way while fostering a deeper appreciation for the art itself.

How to create this

1. Go to and register an account
2. Upload an image of the painting on the platform
3. Type the text or script you want the painting to say
4. Click on generate video and download it on your computer
5. Go to and sign in
6. Upload the video
7. Using the Wintor app and editor, place the talking video anywhere you like

As an extra, in this video they used a trigger and behaviour to show the room of Van Gogh
1. Search for the 3D model of the room on Sketchfab
2. Download as a GLB
3. Upload that GLB at
4. Using the Wintor app, place the 3D room in the same space as the D-ID video
5. Select the D-ID video and go to behaviours
6. Create new behaviour -> set trigger to 'on finished playing' and selecht action 'show' and select the 3D room
7. Then select the 3D room model and go to settings and select 'hidden at the start'.

This way, when the video ends, the 3D room will appear

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