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Talking statue

Imagine wandering through a sprawling city park, where historic statues not only represent figures of the past but also engage with the present. Thanks to augmented reality (AR), one particular statue—a grand, bronze figure of a noted poet—comes to life, and its stories transcend the confines of the pedestal.

How to create this

1) Take a photo of the statue, remove the background and replace that background with either green or blue (you can do this using Photoshop or any other photo editor
2) Go to and register an account
3) Go to Video Avatar and select Photo Avatar
4) Upload the image of the statue with a blue or green background
5) Follow the steps of the software and type the text or script you want the statue to say
6) Click on generate video and download it on your computer
7) Go to and sign in
8) Upload the video
9) Using the Wintor app and editor, place the talking statue on top of the actual statue

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