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Hologram guide

Use a bad TV effect to create a hologram effect. You can also try it yourself here:

How to create this

1) Record yourself as a vertical video
2) Upload the video on and use the AI background removal to create an automatic green/blue screen recording of yourself
3) When the green or blue screen recording is done, download that file from
4) Use a video editor to apply holographic effects (this example uses 'Bad tv' effect from Final Cut Pro)
5) Import this new video to (so you have a green screen recording with yourself as a guide with all kinds of distortions)
6) Use to find and import the bleeps and effects you want to add
7) Using the Wintor editor, drag everything in the canvas and use the 'hide at startup' setting to hide any items you want to have visible after tapping the droid
8) Use the behaviours and triggers to set a trigger for 'tap' and then action "make visible' and select all the assets you want to visualise after tapping.

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