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Try Wintor yourself

Wintor Tools (1).png

1) Create an account and start your free 14-day trial

Create an account to start using Wintor at

2) Download the app

Download the app for your iPhone or Android phone via

Or directly go to:


3) Create your first AR tour

Open the Wintor app and click on 'create' at the bottom of the app. Log in, with the same password you just created, and you are ready to create your first AR tour!

4) Let's get together

Then join our Discord channel! Here you will find inspiration and you can leave your feedback. You don’t need an account for this, you only need to enter your date of birth and a username.

Important to note

  1. Please make sure you have good connection (4G/5G or WiFi). We know that saving an AR spot and a tour might be difficult if the connection is not best.

  2. The Wintor Creator works best on newer and faster smartphones.

  3. Enjoy your first try with Wintor and let us know what you think.


Team Wintor

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