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Bring in more visitors and educate them about your exposition in the most engaging way

Within minutes you can create a high-impact experience that helps your visitors to explore your museum or heritage site

What is Wintor?

Instantly enhance your museum experience with a self-guided augmented reality (AR) tour on the smartphone. This way, your visitor can explore your exposition and see a surprising digital layer of information and entertainment.


Wintor enables you to create AR tours yourself using existing media such as videos and photos. And don't worry, you don't need any technical knowledge.

If you are looking for a way to offer your on-site visitors more than the usual guided tours or audio tours, try Wintor! 

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What is an AR tour?

An AR tour is a location-based experience, where your visitor can see a digital layer on top of a physical location. This digital layer can consist of media such as videos, text, images and 3D models which can be placed in relation and in context of the environment. And the visitor can use its smartphone to make this layer visible and to interact with it. 

The possibilities

How to start with your tour


Collect media

Gather videos, images, 360 content or even 3D models and upload them in the online Wintor Media library


Create AR tour

Create an empty AR tour, by entering a title and description.


Create AR spots

Within your AR tour, you can create multiple AR spots where visitors can find your content placed in AR



Visitors can find your tour using the Wintor app on their mobile phone

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