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Wintor for education 

Connect and educate with our location-based Augmented Reality studio

Use Wintor to engage students in and outside the classroom

Add image students using Wintor

Why educators use Wintor 

To bring (hidden) stories to life

To activate and engage and students 

To educate new technology & storytelling methods

Drag & Drop your media and
create your story 

Create an AR experience in 15 minutes.


Select your media and drag them into the experience. Intuitively place, resize, and rotate your media and tell your story. 


Use multiple types of media to bring education to life

Work together, teachers and students

With the Wintor blbalblb

Educators ..... 

Book your Demo call now!

During the personal video call, we will:

✅ Dive into your use cases and ideas

✅ Show you how to create an AR tour in 5 minutes

✅ Determine the fastest route to becoming an AR storyteller


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